Friday, October 26, 2012

Legally A Lawyer

It's not usually something I would blog about, but I cannot help but feel so extremely thrilled for you. This past Monday I went to the high court to see my dear friend get called to the bar together with his parents and aunt and his other friends were also there to support him. I put on my best office attire to witness this joyous event, even skipped a lecture for this. *shhh!* But so worth it :)

"Justin, I can't wait to watch your very first court trial you lead!"

He looks so good in his court robe; I have no idea how his mother managed to keep a poised, straight face while watching all this. I was mentally cheering with my inside voice as his master put the robe on for him. After his turn was over, the rest of the proceeding was quite a drag. 15 lawyers there were. Even saw a lawyer getting robed by his grandfather who was a lawyer, and his father *also a lawyer* was standing at a side brimming from ear to ear. Three generations of lawyers! This made me think if one's occupation is hereditary.

Nevertheless, I may not be his mum, but I'm so proud of him. Congratulations is not enough to express my happiness.

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