Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rosemary Bites

Always had good experiences here, so decided to share about this place^^

 I love their deco! They have vintage posters hung up around the place.

Also health benefit info of herbs & fruit.

Ice lemon tea & Rosemary lime drink.

It's pretty good. Tastes like lemonade made with rosemary infused water.
It may be a bit too sour or herb-y for some.

Mushroom soup :) Garlic bread is good.

As for the soup, the taste is there, but they added too much starch ):

Chicken chop your way! BBQ sauce for a change from the regular black pepper. 
The sides are also yummy and it has this homemade taste.

Honey Miso Salmon. When I ordered I thought this must be interesting,
quite sad I did not taste any miso in it.
Squeezing lemon over it gives the fish an extra kick^^
 The side of the steak is very juicy
whereas the center is a little overcooked ):

It's very easy to overcook salmon, once the white layers in between the red is not there
after cooking. You should expect them to be a little dry.

Apple Crumble.
Awesome dessert^^ they have soft apple slices at the bottom of the crumble
which adds to the fragrance and flavour. Vanilla ice cream compliments the taste very well.

Total damage: Around RM60

Verdict: No regrets, also when they have clam chowder on the menu. Order it.

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  1. I've been there once for Ezra's birthday! That was so long ago... I hear that the cook can cook a really *AWSUM* panna cotta! Sadly, it's no longer on the menu. ;_;