Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Dessert

Recommended to come here one day after Sunday service for lunch.
Located in SS2 Wai Seik Kai area, same row as UFO, Ochado and Wings.

First impression was: looks simple and clean, but why aren't there many people here.
Could it be the food? We were only one out of two tables seated.
But if my friend recommends this place, it must be worth something.

Even simple tea is served in a fancy glass :)
Almost mistaken it for beer haha!
I do appreciate eateries who pays attention to crockery^^
Detail is key! 

Durian pancake (green) & Mango pancake (yellow)

They were so so so so so so so good!
The pancake skin is paper thin and can be cut easily,
 full of rich cream and the tasty fruit
embedded right at the bottom of every bite.

Radish cake.
Pan fried, outside crisp, inside soft and juicy.
The chef really knows what he's doing.

Pork Chee Cheong Fun
(Pork wrapped in rice paste skin)

Har Gao Dim Sum
(Steamed prawn in rice skin)
Forgive the dim sum pics, my friend's husband pigged at it
before I got the chance to snap haha! Evident of how good it is? ;D
They are served in 3's per basket.

Siew Mai
(Steamed pork in wanton skin and topped with crumbs of a salted egg yolk)

Mango with dried coconut shavings

All the fruits are handpicked by the boss.
That explains the pancake, and what I'll be showing last. My favourite.

Tofu-fa with banana slices
(Soy bean curd)
I didn't eat this, but I'm sure it is equally impeccable.

Finally *shines holy light*, enlarge pic for added effect.
Mango pudding~
Mango fruit wrapped in ultra soft skin 
(I think there is coconut milk and egg whites in there?)
and topped with glossy, rich and creamy mango sauce.

My life is now complete. Will be more complete if I can eat this again.

Conclusion: Maybe because it was less hectic during the day compared to nights, the boss was kind enough to explain about his food, how it was cooked etc. Very friendly, casual and humble. I received excellent service. (Maybe because the boss was snapping his fingers at the employees to work more efficiently since there was hardly any customers haha!)

The food, especially the dessert is really out of this world. I'll go for this Mango pudding than for a slice of expensive chocolate cake any day.

Moreover, the chef doesn't use any MSG in his cooking. Just amazing.

Get more updates from their Facebook page here!

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