Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in a Nutshell

While 2012 may not mark the end of the world as we know it; it has been an extremely eventful year for me. There are many things I want to thank God for and here are some in no particular order.

I found new friends, and lost some old ones through the journey. But hey, if the old don't go, the new won't come right? And I'm loving the new ones so much more. I suppose if one has no enemies at all, one is not being honest with oneself. So thank you God for the friends who will support and encourage me and the enemies who will remind me that I have my own opinions and principles.

You taught me how to appreciate what we have above our heads, 
and to help those who needs it more than us.

You taught me to give happiness to others, and believe it or not,
sometimes its the total stranger who will appreciate your kind gesture like a saving grace.

Had great experience working for a magazine during my internship and of course
opened up countless opportunities for me in the future. 
This job made me realize what I love to do and what I'm good at doing.
Missing the people I worked with and the colourful tasks I was assigned to do.

Lastly, this is a year that my dad's family has become 100% Christian :D hallelujah~~~! Can you believe that the last one who accepted Christ is almost a century old? Jesus must have waited that long for him :) My entire family was so happy that night.

Dear God, please forgive me for the sins I've done and those who have sinned against me for they are ignorant of what they are doing. Please continue to guide me and lead me into a successful journey through 2013 and many many years ahead. Amen! ^^

"Apologize to the neighbour kids for calling them stupid"
"I'm sorry you're stupid."
-Sheldon Cooper-

See y'all next year! :D

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