Sunday, December 2, 2012

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant

Probably the most authentic Korean Food in Malaysia

Which turned this place from this...

To this! in like 5 minutes?
Not bluffing! You can spot the same couple waiting 
for their food from the 1st pic xD

The cutlery

The preps

The clean slate

They cook the meat for you, so just watch and enjoy the sizzling music.

We weren't hungry that day, we only ordered Korean Ginseng Pork and
Marinated Chicken

But they gave us this, everything on the house.
I guess this automatically comes when you order meat. 

Korean Fried Rice

The Korean Ginseng Pork is a little bitter due to the marinade,
but I love the crisp :)

See what our clean slate has become? xD

This is how the Korean Tour guide taught me to eat Korean BBQ.
Messy but I can understand why, 
the spicyness of the kim chi is somewhat neutralized
from the cold crunchy lettuce :D

It came up to around RM80+ for 2 who intended to eat light but ended up feeling so so full.
They even asked if we want more kim chi and gave us free watermelons for dessert! :D

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