Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ragnorak Online 2

In all my life I have never considered myself a gamer because:

1. I usually prefer watching people play.
2. Sometimes I over stress myself in games.
3. I've never played online games before.

All of a sudden I got hooked on the new online game of Ragnorak II: Legend of the Second.

Of course when I had never truly experience online gaming before, I find this like a breath of fresh air. Interacting with friends I know in real life and the impromptu party with strangers to raid dungeons.
It's extremely addictive!

With this post, comes a very raw review on what I generally think about this game. Not about other online games. Just this one. So haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate yeah?

Pro's: 3D online gaming experience. Of course it's not 3D like Final Fantasy, the server will definitely crash and burn from the high definition stress. Unlike the first RO game which I saw many years back and chibi and pixelated, kind of like Maple story. Good place to practice strategy and communication. You can also play this at your own pace. Got work no problem, you don't have a time limit. Your food won't get burned in that virtual oven. That's the good thing about this time flexibility.

Con's: Too much bugs and lags especially in the dungeon. Extremely frequent maintenance, which is understandable but not when you have to keep extending the maintenance time okay? xD Another severe problem with this game is the language. I'm not talking about the censorship of cusses like **** or ****. It's the grammatical inaccuracy and sometimes even the choice of vocabulary is totally off the track. So if RO2 maintenance team happens to read this, please hire a better translator/ copy writer or something. 

At the moment I'm a level 31 Ranger and level 36 Artisan. Which means I can walk around invisible, stalk other players and summon falcons xD haha!

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