Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Gastro Project

Located in Section 17
My White V-day Treat^_^

The interior is really vintage-classy, a place you won't think of bringing children in although they welcome kids. They too have casual portraits of celebrities hung all over the restaurant like Jean Reno and Julia Roberts in this shot.

I had macchiato, coffee mug style. It's still very strong and bitter, I'm glad I asked them to give me the weaker version of this drink instead of the espresso shot.

Warm raisin bread on the house. It tastes rustic yet sweet. The raisin is the gem in this rich textured pastry. My mouth is generally very dry, so I asked for balsamic vinegar & olive oil dip.

It really brings out the taste of the bread with this dip :)

Bf ordered chicken breast stuffed with mushroom ragout. He says it lacks flavour without the pesto, I think it's okay for chicken breast to taste like this since breast is typically tasteless and dry. Love the pesto!

My roast chicken with baked veggies. The one in the ramekin reminds me of ratatouille + apple crumble. Veggies in there include carrots, eggplant and zucchini. Sadly, I'm a picky veggie eater and I really dislike zucchini. I ended up leaving the dish, also gave the red bell papers from the salad to my bf. haha! The chicken is really tender though. Wished it had a more herby flavour and they really should keep the roast skin intact for better presentation. Skin is the best part!

Our side: Duck fat fried potatoes. This is really nice, I can almost taste the duck haha!
Rosemary gives this dish a very country ranch flavour :)

Chocolate Balls with rum cocoa sauce. I can taste the alcohol, but not my bf. It's very much like soft brownies, love the sauce, but the canned cherry really cheapened the whole dish. I really appreciate the shimmering edible silver & gold beads. Now that's classy.

Cake-like texture in the desert.

We also snooped around upstairs and saw their mini theater. This place is available for rent and can fit up to 25 people. Hmm.. mini wedding ceremony? wuhuhuhu

The bar :)

All in all, the service is great, the waiter/ waitresses will stop by once awhile and ask how is the food. They smile, which is a scarcity now really. They pay close attention to presentation and their ingredients, cooking technique can be improved but can already see great potential.