Monday, May 6, 2013

Death of Democracy

5th of May. A day of unity and decision. 80% turned up to exercise our rights.
A day to be proud of because we made today history.
"Despite what the results may be, I'll accept it..."
I told myself this as I cast my vote into the ballot box.

Came home proud, with my "battle scar". 
Funny how everyone on that day was looking at 
everyone else's left index finger to see if they have voted.

Some people say that the indelible ink is a fraudulence, some says otherwise.
For me, I wanted the ink to stay on as long as possible, 
but look how this turned out after the 2nd bath.

What does this show? The ink is supposed to be indelible. Election day is supposed to be for Malaysians ONLY. The electricity should not be cut at such a crucial location at such a crucial time. Ballot boxes are not supposed to magically appear after the lights come back on. The results should not have been delayed which we also found suspicious. Finally, to me blacking out my FB profile picture does not mean I have given up hope for a better Malaysia. It is to remind myself that together, united we fight and fall. Never once have I felt so much togetherness with fellow Malaysians. If there should be a Bersih 4.0. Count me in. Some say it's not the way to go, but what other ways are there? Sit down and keep quiet? Sure. Let the gov get away with their crimes, let Rosmah buy more handbags, let Taib sell more land in the name of development, let Najib step on YDP Agong. Sometimes, enough is enough.