Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Awaiting- Life Goes On

Hello blog! Long time no see, I know I've been ignoring you for awhile since the loss during GE13. My mobile phone photo sync system and I have been ill for quite some time and have been dealing with some final year graduate procedures >_< Going to finally wear my mortar board end of this month wheee!

Meanwhile to get some funds for my Europe trip I've been teaching at a private home school that goes by the Cambridge IGSCE standard. Meaning these students will graduate with O levels instead of SPM.

At first these kids are rebellious, wouldn't listen to me, wouldn't do their work and God knows what else they do that pisses off the teachers. All these students lived a privileged life, flying to countries I had always dreamed of going when I was their age. Many of them have visited more countries than I have and I am almost twice their age. Yet, many of them cannot excel in the subject I teach; English. Parents have loved and spoiled them rotten and left the disciplining and nurturing to us. We, the bad guys.

Sometimes they really make me want to bend them over and smack them. They don't care if they get 0. What I do, I make them suffer together as a class if one of them slacks off. That's right, teamwork >) BWAHAHAHAHA!

Later I found that associating terms to gaming helps a lot more during lessons. It started of with:

S: Teacher, what is a pike?
T: Ever played Dynasty Warriors before?
S: O_O 

Now even when the classes are over, all gamer kids will stay back and talk games with me. When I was passing by one of my students in the corridor, I over heard this boy saying to another who is not from my class, "Do you have a teacher who plays video games?"

Totally how I felt when I realized that they saw me differently from other teachers.

In the end I realize these kids are not naughty, they just need the right buttons to push. They are spoiled but lonely and thirst for parent's attention. I still punish them for bad behaviour and the authority gap is still there but after class I bring all that down and chat with them like a normal being, so that they can feel that a teacher is not perfect, teachers also have hobbies outside their jobs and make mistakes. To the weaker kids, I keep acknowledging their other strengths and encourage them to put in as much effort as they do for their interests which is how they become so good at it. They don't want to be treated like a child, but a friend. 

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